Sustainable design has been an integral part of our professional practice since our inception over 10 years ago.

We embrace today’s mainstream recognition that sustainable design should be an integral part of all aspects of life.

As designers and engineers for all things related to the natural and built outside world, our stewardship of this vast and valuable resource is embedded in the very fabric of our ability and identity as a company.

From the earliest of civilizations to today’s modern technology, Civil Engineering has shown how to integrate development with land, water, and our natural laws and forces.

Landscape Architecture is the choreography of land use planning and plant health, creating artistic expression from the attributes of our living environment.

Our combination of these sustainable design disciplines is the Core Value system of our company.

Outstanding design of these physical relationships allows greater densities to be more highly desired, reducing land use, preserving open space, consuming less materials (and energy), and reducing costs while also increasing property values.

Waterfield Design Group has LEED certified professionals in every design discipline the firm provides.

Waterfield Principal Craig Miller, is a founding board member for the University of Massachusetts’ Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, an organization within the University’s College of Engineering focused on training governments and NGO’s in the developing world to take advantage of new technologies that result in more sustainable economic growth and development while also educating engineering students in these same principals.

This is the trademark capability of our firm and is the very definition of Sustainability.