As one of our country’s leading institutions of higher education, Brown University is constantly growing, evolving, and developing. Located in the heart of the City of Providence’s national historic districts, the Brown Campus is deeply integrated with important neighborhoods and a sensitive architectural heritage. In order to keep pace with the College’s nationally recognized education, research, and economic goals, Brown’s Facilities Management Group hired Waterfield Design to increase the flexibility, speed, efficiency, and precision of its Facilities Management group in their regular need to adapt and expand the College’s buildings, grounds, facilities, and utilities.

Waterfield Design Group was retained to research the practices of Facilities Management and to create Civil /Site /Utility /Landscape Design and Construction Standards for the entire University. This volume of Design and Construction Standards gave the University “off-the-shelf” designs for a large majority of their facility enhancement, expansion and maintenance needs. Immediate cost savings are recognized by eliminating the need to hire designers for standardized endeavors. Time is saved and communication enhanced by using the Standards as the anchor and reference point for virtually every campus improvement project.