Today, the Chinatown Gateway is a landmark entrance into one of the City of Bostonís most well known communities. Because of our work, this signature gateway and visual feature was transformed from a congested, vehicle dominated tunnel and surface road intersection into a special cultural focal point, a pedestrian gathering place, a branded identifying feature for an entire community, and a public festival space.

Constructed as part of the Central Arteryís Rose Kennedy Greenway public open space project, Waterfield collaborated with artist May Sun of Los Angeles in the transformation of this important public space, incorporating Sunís symbolic Chinese character pavers, stainless steel map inlay, and life-size Chinese checkerboard into a rich tapestry of brick and granite paving. A geometric pattern adds order and scale for the surface elements and (stretching across the very busy adjacent 4 lane roadway) unifies adjacent pedestrian nodes in the heart of downtown Boston. The Chinatown Gateway is a legacy project and a true landmark for the City.