During World War II, the Fore River Shipyard built more naval warships than any other shipyard in America. At its peak production, Fore River employed over 50,000 men working around the clock to support our country’s efforts to liberate Europe.

The Fore River Shipyard was founded in 1883 by Thomas Watson, Alexander Graham Bell’s trusted assistant during his creation of the telephone (“Watson, come quickly…..”) Looking for a challenge after leading Bell’s Telephone Development Division, Watson turned his energies to the new fledgling industry of motorized shipbuilding.

In modern times, this historic shipyard was later owned by Bethlehem Steel Corporation and then finally by General Dynamics. This amazing parcel by the ocean is located less than 5 miles from Boston and has seen many incredible world events.

With the advent of cheaper overseas materials and labor, a long and steady decline of this majestic Shipyard mercifully ended in the 1980’s. Since that time, it has languished as one suitor after another emotionally tried to resurrect shipbuilding.

Facing no known industrial marine uses, Waterfield Design was retained to re-invent the shipyard into a much more effective use.

Its remarkable seaside location, large and deep dry docks, and strategic location within one the most densely populated areas of the northeastern U.S., makes it a perfect candidate for a major new mixed-use development.

Our master plan for this site is anchored by over 1,800 units of new housing. The re-invented 120 acre site boasts extensive waterfront views and public and private waterfront access. Our innovative plan uses many of the existing deep water dry-docks but converts them into retail areas and a multi-purpose marina. The large amount of housing is expertly buffered by stunning landscape view corridors, public parkland and open space, and convenient and dynamic placements of restaurants, shops, office, and retail space.