Nouveau Kiskeya (Creole phrase meaning “New Haiti”) is an 11,500 acre (18 square miles) land development project on the northwest coast of Haiti encompassing 15.5 miles of Atlantic coastline (3.5 miles of beaches and 12 miles of deep coast) bordering flat land gradually slopping to 1000 feet above sea level. Waterfield Design provided management assistance, land planning, engineering, landscape architecture, logistics and political assistance, and construction management advice to help create a major global tourism destination and a modern residential and retirement community for 20,000 - 30,000 families.

Sogedev is seeking designation of this project as a Free Trade Zone by the Haitian government, exempting residents and commercial enterprises within the project from income tax, property tax and customs duties for 15 years plus partial exemption of these taxes for an additional five years, giving this site a strong international appeal.