Working for Strategic Leisure, a Maryland based entertainment developer, Waterfield Design was retained to perform land planning, engineering, permitting assistance, and feasibility analysis for the construction of a $600 million mixed-use resort located within minutes of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Taking advantage of over 200 feet of vertical relief in the natural landscape, the entire campus will be centered on the creation of a major faux natural waterfall and stream – dropping 150 feet at various pools and overlooks within its 2,250 foot length. Surrounding this Smoky Mountain stream are 250,000 SF of retail shops artfully tucked away into the programmed nooks and crannies of the new ‘forest’.

Anchoring the Stream on both ends are major signature hotels each capable of accommodating close to 1,000 rooms. Between these majestic Lodges are an enormous variety of recreation, educational and entertainment amenities. Close to 2,000 hotel rooms and 800 condominiums are planned at various locations within the entire project.

This dynamic site is finished with a small open air concert pavilion (planned for 3,000 seats), a regional Convention Center, 3 major parking garages (totaling 6,000 spaces), an outdoor water park, movie theater, and unique public open space.

Waterfield Design is responsible for planning and design of all outdoor elements including public spaces, circulation, traffic management, roadway design, landscape architecture, and beyond.