With nearly 12 acres and Victorian era homes wrapping around three sides, Ronan Park is perched at the peak of Meetinghouse Hill with incredible views out to Boston Harbor and Dorchester Bay. The steep slopes that support these vistas had encountered erosion problems and overgrowth had created safety concerns to those traveling through the Park. An aging playground, baseball field, basketball courts, and walkways were ready for renovation.

By working with the local community group, Waterfield Design identified and separated neighborhood concerns into five priority areas: playgrounds, courts, walkways, drainage, and entrances. The Adams Street Entrance, along the base of the steep slope, became the prime focus for design work. Slopes were reduced with the construction of decorative retaining walls, enabling easier maintenance. Curbing was installed along the slope’s walkways to prevent chronic erosion from recurring. The playground was redesigned with new age-appropriate structures, swings, and benches. Bbasketball courts were resurfaced, and backstops and fencing at the baseball field were replaced. Primary pedestrian walkways were replaced, and an additional walking path around the perimeter of the baseball field was created.