The vision for the Revitalization of Washington Street was developed through an extensive public process that spanned a 3 year period. The community goal of re-instilling the historic character of New England villages into the center of Canton translated into sidewalk and crosswalk accent paving, curb extensions to shorten road crossings, granite edged planters with a lush diversity of plants, a healthy variety of street trees, and period style furnishings that complemented the newly installed historic lights. The revitalization, (funded by a MassHighway PWED grant) also included traffic improvements, roadway reconstruction, and managed parking to enhance traffic flow and make the downtown more pedestrian friendly.

Waterfield created a new identity for the Town by enhancing the visual relevance of the Forge Pond waterfall. This important hydraulic focal point recalls the regionís rich industrial heritage which include connections to Paul Revereís Copper Rolling Mill by designing a bridge overlook, seating area, and interpretive exhibits. This focal point also became the beginning for a new nature trail and boardwalk system that connected the center of town to residential areas.